Direct Axis Consolidation Loan

Apply for  a Direct Axis consolidation loan online of up to R150 000, with Direct Axis, direct cash loan applications, payday loans & quick loan approval.Select the repayment period that best suits your budget, from ,2 to 6 years. Use the money to consolidate your other accounts or any other way you like – a family holiday, house renovations and more!.
You can save time and money. You’ll have just one simple payment to make each month to your personal loan provider.

If you default on an account penalty fees and accrued interest will start to pile up. However, if you consolidate your debt, you only need to make one payment to your personal loan provider – which means that you’ll be keeping any late payment fees to a minimum, as it shouldn’t be too hard for you to remember to make a single payment.

Late payments and defaults give you a negative credit rating – and that’s a problem should you wish to extend your credit in the future. However, one of the benefits of debt consolidation is that it helps you manage your finances better, as you only have one payment to make and can therefore plan ahead, which should help your rating stay positive.

If you only have one fixed amount to pay every month instead of many unfixed amounts, it will help you to draw up a precise budget, which should help you to avoid any nasty last minute surprises.

Phone calls from multiple creditors asking where their money is can become tiresome and stressful. Rather deal with one institution and save yourself the hassle.

So it’s easy to see why consolidating your debt makes the most sense, whilst also saving you the time and stress.