Fnb smart spend loans

Take An FNB Smart Spend Loan loan from R2 000 or more, depending on your financial profile, with flexible repayment periods from 6 to 60 months.A Smart Spend Loan is a small personal loan which is at your dispense for anything you want to use it for.

FNB Smartspend Loan
FNB Smartspend Loan

This is a handy loan since you can consolidate all your debt with this loan and thus improving your life circumstances. You can also buy anything you like with the loan for the house like appliances. You can also use it for home maintenance and improvements. How much it will cost in terms of monthly payments will depend on your risk profile and the terms of the loan.
– You get to take a break every January from paying your loan installment
– Repayments are done via a monthly debit order and your installment amount will remain fixed over the loan period, even if interest rates go up.
– The loan is offered with insurance which covers the original loan amount in the event of death, retrenchment, dread disease as well as temporary and permanent disability.
– You can get a valid quote for 10 days within which you can either accept or decline the loan offer.
– You get to choose either a voice-logged contract or a paper-based contract that is face to face with our branch consultants in any of our branches.
– Individuals banking with FNB, will get lower interest rates.