Mobicred – Shop Online without a credit card

Mobicred  is the credit facility that allows users to safely shop online at all participating retailers without a credit card.A client selects Mobicred as a payment option within the merchant’s Web site, and they get taken through a brief application process. The application happens in real-time, within the merchant’s environment.

It functions like a credit card in that a user has a facility approved, and can purchase up to that facility amount. “The minimum monthly payment is 10% of the user’s outstanding balance, but the user can also elect to pay the entire balance monthly, and use the facility as a purchasing mechanism only.

Qualifying Criteria

When applying for the credit facility, one needs to be employed, earn at least R5 000 per month, and have a South African bank account in their name, a cellphone number, e-mail address and valid SA ID number.